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Words matter. For most things in life, but especially in the world of content marketing. 

It’s the difference between getting a first-time reader to sign up for a newsletter instantly instead of maybe pressing ‘subscribe’ on that second visit. Statistically speaking, people usually ditch a website after about 15 seconds, so words are vital in getting them to hitch along for the long ride.

This is where lists come in. After all, consistency is king in marketing and having that trusted pool of readers that will keep coming back is a necessity for building any business.

Not just any newsletter offer or quirky invite with a final ‘join us!’ prompt will do the deed, though. It’s a business-eat-business world out there, and the big businesses have a regular, streamlined practice of making sure their readers flock back for more.

How do they do this?

Enter: a lead magnet. They’re the proverbial milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard. The magic beans that grow the beanstalk. The secret ingredient in the banana bread recipe. Basically, the bridge that keeps the viewers coming back and ensures awareness and success for the brand.

What is a Lead Generation Magnet?

To put it simply, a lead magnet is the exchange of a service, product, or offer for personal information. Nowadays, that typically means e-mail, but it can also include personal names and phone numbers.  

When it comes to the ‘best lead magnet examples, they’re usually different for every business.

The most notorious case in point is makeup companies that give out free samples to lure their customers back into purchasing the full product. Another example is the education market which goes for a different yet ultimately similar approach. For instance, an online piano tutor offers a 20-minute training video to show the next van Beethoven how the lessons will sound.

Different lead magnet examples for different lead magnet creators, after all.

Digital marketers usually don’t have the luxury of popping over at a mall and telling everyone about the latest discoveries in the world of poker competitions. It’s why the power of word conversion is essential, and also why having good lead magnet ideas will bring not just success, but credibility to the brand, business, or idea.

Think about it this way – feeling good after watching a fun animated movie is temporary, but having access to a subscription service that brings all the greatest animated movies under one roof keeps that childhood happiness going forever.

That’s how lead magnet creation works in a nutshell.

How to Create a Lead Magnet

Effective lead magnet examples vary from industry to product, so there’s no real surefire recipe for success. However, there are some fundamentals to take into consideration before entering the world of lead magnet creation.

Unlike a lot of things in SEO, when figuring out the best lead magnet ideas for your business, the don’ts are more important than the do’s.

  • No spamming. The first step to having people put off by your idea is to send at least ten e-mails a day explaining why they need to buy the product, click the link or get in touch. This also includes sending out ‘reminder’ e-mails that have the buyer feeling like they have to buy a product or else they will never stop receiving notifications, ever. Nothing beats being trapped under an avalanche of pop-ups! 
  • No trickery. Suppose the goal of the subscription is to pull an unsuspecting viewer into a hurricane of random messages about how good the business is or forward an offer that was never agreed upon. In that case, that’s a one-way ticket to never having a stable consumer base.
  • No formalities. While it’s essential to treat the concept of a lead magnet seriously, it’s also worth noting that having an entire page dedicated to all the intricacies of agreeing to agree to the agreement they’re agreeing to is not exactly the most exciting of prospects. Legalities aside, attractive offers matter!

On the flip side, there are things to keep in mind while building fruitful lead magnet ideas. These aren’t always practical for every single business, but they are good guidelines to consider.

  • Sell first, fine print later. This may seem counterintuitive given the previous advice of not pulling people in for the sake of pulling them in. However, the goal isn’t to fool anyone, but rather to get their attention quickly. This involves giving out information about your product or idea through a lead magnet before delving into the why’s and how’s – and subtly inserting a little pop-up about how they can contact you too.
  • Keep it snappy, short, and simple. Easier said than done, but if the reader is looking for a solution to an issue and the first thing they see is the click of a button that will take them to their desired destination, there’s instant gratification for both the business and the consumer – and a long, prosperous marriage. Just make sure to get their name first.
  • Be unique, not yourself. The world of online businesses is vast, which assumes there will always be a variation of whatever you’re selling on the market. Having a unique selling point is essential, and that’s why a lead magnet that uses short phrases, simple language, and just that very special something your business offers will build a trusty list in no time!

These are just the basics of lead magnet creation, but they are basics to consider when looking for good lead magnet examples. 

Word Choices Matter for a Lead Magnet Creator

The five most commonly used words in the English language are ‘time’, ‘person’, ‘year’, ‘way’, and ‘day’. Scrap those and exchange them for ‘you’, ‘free’, ‘instantly,’ ‘new’, and ‘because’, and you’ve got yourself a lead magnet hook.

Well, almost.

Saying something like ‘Use our search engine FOR FREE because you will instantly get new results every time! FREE INSTANT RESULTS NOW!’ isn’t targeting anyone as much as it is targeting everyone. The goal is to persuade your users to keep using your idea in the future and maybe get a couple of new ones along the way. 

Nowadays, most people are educated well enough on online sales tactics that they won’t respond positively to an in-your-face, all-in approach. Rather, amp up the intricate language that won’t have users feeling like they’re about to be bombarded by ten viruses.

For example, ‘GET the BEST FREE HIGH-QUALITY HOME INSURANCE RATES by SIGNING UP here’ and ‘It’s a good time to check the home insurance market – enter your e-mail and see why’ read differently, yet ultimately target the same customer.

Never underestimate the power of sincere marketing. On the flip side, always make sure to have backing for your claim. Some of the most effective lead magnet examples include those that have other users confirming their doubts and washing them away with a simple review, note, or comment.

Lead Magnet For Higher Conversions
6 Outstanding Lead Magnet Ideas For Higher Conversion 3

6 Lead Magnet Ideas for Higher Conversions

The journey to becoming a great lead magnet creator is one paved with many difficulties, but also very personal to each individual business. These examples will help identify the best and most effective way to use a lead magnet while keeping in mind the kind of language that needs to be used for the most successful conversion rates.  

1. Checklists 

A checklist is the most universal type of lead magnet on the market. It’s the online marketing equivalent of rice – small and unassuming, but it has the versatility to be used in just about anything and still work like a charm.

It easily fits into a myriad of different industries and incorporates everything from paid ads, affiliate links, and external links into one article. They can even work as a newsletter!

On a more scientific level, checklists tap into our ‘old brain’ decision-making. To cut a long and very meticulous story short, it’s the part of the brain that helps us make primitive decisions. So, forming a ‘The Only 3 Writing Tips You Will Need’ checklist will not only attract people who want to double-check their essays but will also have them staying for some much-needed tips and tricks for any further research.

2. Courses, webinars and online training

When it comes to lead magnet creation, having a more tangible, direct, and often personal approach will always be of value to those in need of the service. Any kind of online meet-ups will fill the emptiness that words on an article can’t quite fill. Alternatively, there’s always the more hands-on, practical advice that a Google search can’t find a solution to.

More importantly, it’s the most natural form of all lead magnet tools that keeps people returning to the scene of the service. 

When it comes to the type of training course you’re offering, be wary not to employ cheap marketing tactics that will have little to no value to those asking questions. This assumes giving out some valuable ingredients during a trial, but not the full recipe. 

For that, they will need a full subscription, of course.

3. Handouts

These go by different names, but they’re usually a sort of short-form cheat sheet. The great thing about handouts is that they’re made to be quick, easy-to-digest pieces of information. This means you will have more time to spend on the type of product or service that needs to be marketed as opposed to how to market it.

An example would be having a designated spot for pop-ups that offer different types of content. One would mention 5 ways to incorporate fruits into your diet, another would list the 10 most delicious vegetables, while the final would be an ultimate guide to all things fiber. 

All three are prominently and directly advertized, all three include different varieties of the service on offer and all three include a link that takes users to a newsletter sign-up with one easy click. 

It’s very simple in nature, but sometimes that does the trick better than overly complicated schemes.

4. Free advice

Nothing in life is really free, advice being no exception. What is more important is that the viewers themselves probably know that it will come at a cost. Nonetheless, this type of lead magnet is a very smart way to have people not only engage with the business but also get answers to their dilemmas and curiosities. 

That’s a win-win in the market of lead magnet creation.

Free advice comes in different forms depending on the brand and industry. It can be a type of consultation, a discussion, an open board discourse or anything else in between. What this presents is an incredible opportunity to gain new customers, generate a much larger number of website views, create a loyal consumer base and generally get a lot more exposure. 

It’s as simple as having a website redirect users to a page that asks for their names, phone numbers, and e-mails. It’s practically a one-click success story.

5. Templates

Templates are almost always guaranteed to be an effective lead magnet, but they also need to be treated with a copious amount of caution.

It is one of those tactics where the user in question will know they’re getting sucked into a subscription service, which means that there’s little to no chance of ‘tricking’ anyone into actually subscribing. The only important piece of advice with regards to templates is to have a quality product.

This means whatever draft or outline is being marketed, it better be the best draft or outline that the user has seen in a long while. It’s going to hopefully send them searching for other types of templates and offer them the content they need!

6. E-books

Last but definitely not least is the majesty of all things lead magnets related – the e-book. 

It’s also one of the more difficult types of lead magnets to create, simply because they require a lot of time and effort. It’s not as simple as slapping on a title and some paragraphs. It involves researching the audience in question, finding the appropriate content and spending quality time working out the kinks between the pages. 

If successful, an e-book can be something that keeps people running back for more. It can also be a trusted source or authority for the industry it belongs in, as well as have loyal customers do the promoting for you if you’ve done a good enough job to convince them in the first place. 

It goes beyond just reaching some users and may extend to the market beyond with the simple math of word conversions!

Lead Magnet
6 Outstanding Lead Magnet Ideas For Higher Conversion 4

Final words

To become a thriving lead magnet creator, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but sticking to just a couple of suggestions is better than using all of them at once. Most marketers that go by trial and error are bound to experience some serious setbacks to their service and products, which is why it’s so vital to take the users into consideration when fishing for lead magnet ideas.

The who’s, why’s and how’s are the three most important parts of the equation and they should be at the forefront of any idea.

While this guide has some of the more effective ones in mind, make sure to keep track of the nature of your business before committing to anything. 

The world of online marketing is filled with ‘oysters’ of the lead magnet kind. Make sure to sample most of them, but stick with the pearly ones for the best results!

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