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About us


If you’re reading this, you’re probably tired of endlessly searching for the right person to deliver the content that matches your vision. 

The market is oversaturated. The offers are stale. The end product? Not always worth the time and money. 

It’s difficult to get ahead in the game when you don’t have the right kind of people sharing your vision. 

At Ridarec, we believe your ideas deserve to be given life – with high-quality, ready-to-go, SEO-optimized content and critical management support.

Examples of Our

How Did Ridarec Happen?

A few years ago, the idea was born to gather the most experienced, dedicated and creative minds in one room and have them deliver only the best content for each client. With so much of the freelancing market overtaken by uninspired, uncertain and lackluster content, founder and CEO David Stefanoski made it his goal to bring a big change to online content creation – and deliver quality content for a fair, yet affordable price. 

Ridarec was born following a long Zoom conference in the uncertain environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the spring of 2020. 

Launching in North Macedonia and Serbia, we created a project that combines the best individual abilities of our writers with our founder’s creative endeavors to make a simple offer: your idea, our expertise – and everyone wins.

The team draws on years of experience across various niches and prides itself on excellent delivery that will push your business, idea or product to its best possible outcome.

Our Writing Process

We offer a streamlined work process that will match the tone, idea and end product you need. We are highly flexible, and completely devoted once you decide to work with us. 

Delivering on deadlines? No. Who has the time to wait for deadlines?! As soon as our Research department finishes digging up every bit of information on the subject, our SEO department takes that research and creates target keywords – which are then transformed into titles, fleshed out into a structure, and then finally written – with flawless SEO execution. 

But if we stop there, what would make us different?

That’s why our process continues through our Quality Control department, where it’s guaranteed that it will be flawless on both Copyscape and Grammarly. And only then, does the content go through the final editor-in-chief – the CEO of the company – and the person writing this article. If I can’t write exactly what you want, I’ll eat my hat. 

So basically, if you need any type of writing done – we have your back. 

Just founded a small ecommerce business, offering highly specific products? We give your website the boost it needs by optimizing it and creating the social media campaign of your dreams.

Itching to share your experiences travelling abroad? We’re prepared to share your favorite beach spots and make the reader feel like they have experienced it themselves.

Want to get those views? We offer 10 or more ways to get you clickbait-approved!

Had the right writing spark but needed someone to edit the finer details? We polish all the rough edges and draw out only the best of your idea.

The management

If you already have an established website ready to go, then you can trust us with managing it for you. We make the hassle of having to post on your social media or turning your text into WordPress magic go away with one simple contract. 

What about getting those clicks you were looking for? If viral posts are the outliers, we aim at making them the norm. As it’s difficult to steer your content towards mass audiences, our upkeep and formatting will have people hooked in no-time! 

Not to mention, with SEO being more important than ever in driving views, our strategy is to search first, adapt as needed and make a complex algorithm a simple and easy way for people to find the content you created.

The full deal

We have experience in giving the all-inclusive treatment to businesses. If you need a site to launch, we have all the tools to have it ready in a flash. 

From content seeding, operating it full-time, creating e-commerce coverage, to posting ahead of the clock and achieving long-term results – our team is ready to work – for realsies – and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our promise

Business babble aside, at Ridarec you can find an approachable, friendly and confident group of people whose only job description is making the client happy. We are transparent, adjustable and at your service as needed. 

Our promise is as simple as our motto:

We provide flexible content and virality support.

At Ridarec – you can only get quality. No other option. You ask, we deliver. Before any deadline.

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